Our Story

In 2015, we founded Dotly Studios from a small backyard shed. We created the company based on our shared desire to make games that we love.

We were fed up with the frustrating trend in the game industry of getting in the way of players having fun with unfair business practices and over-monetization. So, we decided to make the games that we wanted to play, and employ fair business tactics to succeed as a company while un games to players around the world.

Working out of a backyard shed in Niagara, Ontario, we began by making small prototypes and participating in game jams to have fun and gain experience.

Nowadays, we are based in Ottawa, Canada. We continue to innovate  and are always pursuing new ideas. We continue to try to develop games that we think are awesome. We hope you think so too.

Our Mission

  •  Strive to be as open as possible with our audience, bringing together a community of people who want to play awesome games.
  • Treat our players how we, as gamers, want to be treated. Employ fair monetization practices that are user-friendly and developer-friendly, too.
  • Inject our personalities into what we create. Things that make us laugh, things that make us go “heck yeah!”. Those are the things that make it into our games.
  • Be unafraid of taking risks and innovating. If something isn’t working, don’t hesitate to refine (or remove) it to make our game the best that it can be.

Who is Dotly?

Dan Forstinger


Ever since he was young, Dan has wanted to make games. He dreams of one day making the ultimate cattle-based RPG. Dan does the programming and sound design at Dotly.

Keith Millar


Keith decided to apply design methods and philosophies taken from his experience in industrial design to games.. He only eats smoothies, chili, and kitkats. Keith looks after the visual stuff at Dotly.